It's Cloud.......

White day pic,I quite like the result,
Will use this scheme later


CoreyMill กล่าวว่า
A very big contrast in color compositions between this post and your last. I actually am a sucker for the really toned down chromatic grey tones that you used in your white day pic. ^^
Rayne กล่าวว่า
Old, but still great. I love the colours.
q กล่าวว่า
I agree woth coreymill ...I like your white day pic ALOT !! I can really feel the distance in the picture..

ว่าเเต่ whiteday นี่...คือวันรายอะ
02Lei กล่าวว่า
Hey Meisan, Great picture of cloud. It's great to see another final fantasy fan!

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